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D1 Training Henderson Spikes Up Partnership with Vegas Thrill Volleyball: Where Championship Pedigree Meets Cutting-Edge Science

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Get ready, Las Vegas, because a legendary force is about to serve up excitement on the court! D1 Training Henderson, your premier destination for athletic training and performance, is thrilled to announce a partnership with the Vegas Thrill, the city's inaugural professional volleyball team.

This star-studded roster, led by the indomitable Hall of Fame coach Fran Flory, is aiming for the championship right from their debut season. And let's just say, with an ownership group boasting Golden Knights' DNA and D1 Training's cutting-edge science and top tier coaches backing them up, the Vegas Thrill are poised to become an unstoppable force in professional volleyball.

Fran Flory, Hall of Fame coach of the Vegas Thrill volleyball team 

A Championship Legacy Meets Cutting-Edge Training:

Coach Flory is not just a name, she's a volleyball hurricane. Flory “spent 31 years as a college head coach, including 24 at LSU where she was the school’s all-time winningest head coach and led the Tigers to nine NCAA tournament appearances, seven SEC West titles, and an SEC championship title in 2009.” Now, armed with D1 Training's science-backed training methods, this dynamic duo is a recipe for unstoppable success.

Golden Knights Franchise DNA:

The Vegas Thrill isn't just a new team, it's an extension of the Golden Knights' championship spirit and franchise. The roots of the Vegas Thrill run deeper than you might think. They're not just a new entity blazing a trail in the city's exploding sports scene; they're the latest chapter in a rich athletic tapestry woven with gold and silver threads.

It all began with the vision of Bill Foley, the man who brought professional hockey to Las Vegas. In 2017, his dream materialized as the Golden Knights, a team that defied expectations by reaching the Stanley Cup Finals in their inaugural season. But the golden armor wasn't all Foley envisioned. Alongside the Knights, he created the Silver Knights, an AHL affiliate team based in Henderson, Nevada.

Then, in 2018, the vision expanded further. Recognizing the passion for sports that pulsed within Vegas, Foley created the Las Vegas Knighthawks, an AFL team that called D1 Henderson their home. Just like the Golden Knights, the Knighthawks thrived, capturing the hearts of fans.

And now, the legacy continues with the Vegas Thrill, a professional volleyball team poised to ignite the city's love for the sport. D1 Henderson becomes their training space, a launchpad for dreams not just in hockey and football, but now in volleyball as well.

This interconnected legacy is more than just a collection of teams. It's a testament to the belief that Las Vegas is more than just a playground for adults; it's a breeding ground for champions, a city where dreams take flight in every sporting arena. With each new team, the impact extends beyond the games themselves. It's about fostering a spirit of athleticism, community, and excellence.

The ownership group, led by Andy Abboud and Jon Bruning, brings the same dedication to excellence and community that has made the Golden Knights a Vegas favorite. With D1 Training's proven track record in athlete development, this partnership is a recipe for success both on and off the court.

In this athletic arena, the Vegas Thrill volleyball team shines bright, poised to follow in the footsteps of the WNBA Aces, who have redefined what it means to be a Las Vegas sports franchise. The Aces have shown that championship wins and passionate fanbases aren't exclusive to traditional sports hubs. They've proven that Vegas is hungry for heroes, for teams that embody their own spirit of audacity and relentless drive.

And that's exactly what the Vegas Thrill aims to be. More than just a volleyball team, they're a beacon of inspiration for young girls in the city. They represent the possibility of turning athletic dreams into reality, of carving a path in a realm that's historically lacked parity in both visibility and compensation.

It's about more than just wins and losses. It's about shattering ceilings, ensuring that female athletes have their own spotlight, and that a livable wage in professional sports isn't just a pipe dream. The Thrill is a testament to the fact that Vegas is now writing a new chapter in the world of sports, one where diversity, opportunity, and sheer athletic prowess take flight.

Beyond Hype: Building Champions From the Ground Up:

D1 Training is more than just a gym – it's a laboratory where athletic potential is transformed into reality. Here's are some ways we partner with teams to help them dominate the court:

  • Pre-Season Blueprints for Peak Performance: Rather than programming generic exercises – each athlete is tested and analyzed to build training programs that cater to their strengths and weaknesses. Every program is designed to maximize performance and minimize injury risk, ensuring every player steps onto the court as a finely tuned machine.

  • DOMS? Not in-season: Know the difference between on and off season training. Mobility and maintenance are key components to in-season training. Strength is built in the off-season. Our expert coaches push athletes towards their peak without pushing them past their limits. Experience faster recovery and maintain consistent performance throughout your season with perfectly tailored programs, rest and recovery and our Normatec sleeves.

  • Velocity Training: Tracking Progress and Predicting Success: It's not just about how fast you hit the ball, it's about understanding what that speed tells you. Our velocity testing allows us to track progress while also assessing injury risk, giving our teams the insights they need to stay healthy and dominate every match.

  • Fueling the Fire: BMR Tracking for Optimal Recovery: Under-eating athletes are underperforming athletes. We track each player's Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) to ensure they're fueling their bodies for maximum recovery and peak performance.

Train Like a Pro:

This partnership is about more than just volleyball, it's about redefining athletic excellence in Las Vegas. D1 Training Henderson and the Vegas Thrill are committed to providing the tools, expertise, and championship pedigree needed to electrify fans and leave a lasting mark on the world of professional volleyball and on Las Vegas.

Visit D1 Training Henderson today and experience the difference science-backed training can make.

Let's go, Vegas Thrill!

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