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Summer Camps: The Differentiator

Author: D1 Training Henderson

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As the final buzzer sounds on another sports season and Henderson school doors shut for the summer, athletes are presented with a golden opportunity to take their game to the next level. At D1 Training Henderson, we recognize the pivotal role that summer training camps play in athletes achieving their goals. Now, as sports seasons wind down and schedules open up, it's time to harness the momentum and focus on elevating athleticism to higher levels.

You have an athlete with big dreams. They have not been able to focus on their athletic training in season because of school, practices, games etc. Now you want them to get "bigger faster stronger" during the summer. But why is the summer so crucial for athletes seeking to excel? Let's break it down:


First let's examine your goals. If you only have 2 months off from school or sports you need to have a comprehensive targeted program. Strength and agility can absolutely be developed in 8 weeks when done right. Common mistakes we see are parents sending their high school athletes to big box gyms for a very low cost, with the hopes the children are able to program and train themselves. Although a parent may trust their athlete to perform olympic lifts safely, we often see young athletes not lifting safely and not programming properly. It is simple, many athletes try to lift too heavy too often with no programming in place. Other options are training at a facility like D1 where all sessions are coach led to ensure safety, but programming is also provided to ensure the athlete goals are met. Keep in mind, summers and high school careers are short, make the most of your athlete's time. (Hot Tip: Flashback on how to set SMART goals)


What are their goals? Make the team? Get off the bench? Be the standout athlete? Each athlete's goals are different, and a lot of times parents are not precisely sure how to focus their athlete. Our recommendation, consult with a coach. "Making the team" could mean improving combine scores, or it could mean improving one or two aspects of a combine, such as 40 yard times, 5-10-5, putting on size etc. The training for each of these common needs are different. A consultation can reveal if your athlete needs more sprint work, power output, strength development, size development, nutrition coaching etc. Circling back to our previous point, as developed as an athlete may be, they will benefit from a good coach.


Immediately. Training should not only be in the off-season. Read more on year round programming. Investing time, money and energy into developing an athlete over the course of 8 weeks is great, but the athlete needs in season training too. Think about it, there are 52 weeks in a year. 8 weeks of training can be beneficial, but imagine incorporating the other 44 weeks into your athlete’s programming. We often hear parents concerned that they do not want their child to burn out. At D1, we do not want your athlete to burn out either. Our coaches are experienced, knowledgeable and many were athletes themselves. They understand the importance of maintenance and injury prevention in-season. In addition, at D1 we have technology to measure fatigue to identify when an athlete is close to burnout, and when they have a lot more in the tank. Again, bigger faster stronger.


Strategic Preparation: As one season ends and another looms on the horizon, summer training camps serve as the perfect platform for athletes to prepare strategically for the challenges ahead. By addressing weaknesses, refining technique, and building strength and endurance, athletes can enter the next season primed for success.

Accelerated Progress: At D1 Training Henderson, our summer camps are meticulously crafted to maximize athletic potential. With expert coaches and comprehensive programming, athletes can experience rapid gains in strength, speed, agility, and overall athleticism. If your athlete has dreams of college and even playing professionally, the path is there, but the road is tough. The science, tools and facilities that exist today did not exist years ago. Your athlete is competing against athletes who are training at high levels in athletic training facilities, sometimes from an early age. Athletic training is not optional these days, athletes must do at minimum what the competition is doing. To excel, you must train beyond what everyone else is doing.

D1 Training Henderson Summer Programs

Training Camp:

  • 40 Group Sessions

  • 40 Small Group Sessions

  • Fall Prep

Performance Plus+:

  • 40 Group Sessions

  • 40 Small Group Sessions

  • 16 D1-on-1 Sessions

  • All-star season prep

Group Sessions are an effective way for athletes to learn the discipline of training on a team, discipline from a coach, accountability to themselves and others etc. Athletes can get bigger, faster and stronger in group sessions. A consultation is recommended to ensure the athlete is placed in the appropriate session for their experience and abilities so they can gain the most benefit from the training.

Small group workouts can be a great option for high leveling training. In the right small group, and with the right programming, your athlete can get more focused training on their more specific needs.

Private training/ D1 on 1 is where you can see your athlete skyrocket above the competition. In private (or personal) training, the coach creates an entire program 100% tailored to your athlete. They can address areas of weakness, recovery issues, metabolic tracking, and focused strength, size and power output. In addition, our coaches build confidence in athletes. Sports are often a mental game. We are here to bring out the best in your athlete.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help. Read more on off season training, especially for football athletes.