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Posts from 2024

  • D1 Development in Texas Adds Denton to the Mix Image Credit: (Juan Figueroa / Staff Photographer, The Dallas Morning News) D1 Training Denton, in Denton, Texas, is the 22 nd D1 Training location to open in the state, adding to a record number of sales and openings for the brand this year nationwide. This article in The ... Continue Reading
  • Training Tips Done Right with D1: Dynamic Warmup Every workout needs a warmup, and D1 Training does it right! As is stated by Coach Ryan at D1 Training Huntington Beach, a good warm up does three critical things: It gets your body temperature right, it gets your joint capacity ready to go, and gets your mindset focused on ... Continue Reading
  • Training Tips Done Right with D1: Sled Push Who is ready to intensify their workout? The sled push exercise does it all. It helps build power, speed, endurance, and it works the upper and lower muscles in the body, with an emphasis on LEGS (don’t skip leg day if you want to be able to pull these off! Or push…as is the ... Continue Reading
  • 10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas Fit for Any Dad Father's Day is the perfect opportunity to show your dad just how much you appreciate him. But finding the perfect gift can be challenging, especially when you want to match it to his unique interests and hobbies. Whether your dad is a runner, a tech enthusiast, or a grill ... Continue Reading
  • D1 Training Owner Grows his Business by Asking Two Simple Questions Would it surprise you to know that 82% of consumers choose brands with values that align with their own? Seventy-one percent of them want their favorite brands to walk the walk, putting their values front and center, and that number jumps to 83% for Millennials. Consumers ... Continue Reading
  • D1 Training NFL Draft Class: From D1 Turf to OTA’s With less than two months to the start of NFL preseason, it’s a BLAST to check in on the D1 Athletes who are getting a taste of the pros. D1 Training facilities in Sugar Land, Pleasanton, and Atascocita scored the bragging rights for this year’s 2024 NFL Draft. Proof ... Continue Reading
  • Training Tips Done Right with D1: Banded Lateral Walk Banded Lateral Walks may look like a stroll through the park, but they pack a punch. That’s good news for people who want to improve hip and knee stability, improve balance, work those outer thighs, build stronger glutes, burn calories, and more. The training team at D1 ... Continue Reading
  • Training Tips Done Right with D1: Combo Raises Combo raises, or sometimes called shoulder combo raises, are terrific exercises to aid shoulder mobility, and strengthen the front, back and side of the shoulder. The training team at D1 Training Willowbrook Mall shows us the correct way to complete combo raises for best ... Continue Reading
  • In His New Book, D1 Training Owner Shares What’s Possible as an Athlete Living with Type 1 Diabetes At D1 Training we paint our walls with words like determination, perseverance, and integrity, and talk about being fearless, confident, and dedicated. Ben Milsom, owner of soon-to-be open D1 Training Westchase, near Tampa, knows a little something about what those words mean ... Continue Reading
  • Training Tips Done Right with D1: Kneeling Landmine Press The kneeling landmine press is a fantastic core exercise that also helps with posture and balance – all of which are important for back health and overall performance. The training team at D1 Atascocita takes us through the correct way to set yourself up and complete a set ... Continue Reading
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