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Football Performance Camp

  • Ages 10 and up
  • Time: 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • Cost: $120 for each two-day session
  • What to bring: Plenty of water
  • What to wear: Shorts, Shirt, Sneakers

Defensive backs

Defensive backs must be sharp and versatile on the field with the ability to move effectively in any direction. Your training at D1 will address several components—strength, power, speed, endurance, reactive ability, flexibility and coordination.

  • Session 1: Wednesday 6/23 and Thursday 6/24
  • Session 2: Monday 7/19 and Tuesday 7/20

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Running Backs/LineBackers

A linebacker’s speed is critical for playing the position successfully. A player’s ability to accelerate quickly in all directions, decelerate from all directions and quickly re-accelerate once again will make or break a linebacker. When players in this position work towards attaining greater speed for faster field coverage, they will also increase lateral movements, which is necessary for prevention of the offense from gaining yards or scoring touchdowns. Balance and body awareness with great agility at one moment and lasting endurance the next is what a linebacker will need to possess for an edge on the field.

  • Session 1: Monday 6/28 and Tuesday 6/29
  • Session 2: Wednesday 7/21 and Thursday 7/22

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Quarterbacks/Wide Receivers

Dynamic Mobility, Footwork, Explosiveness, Speed & Agility. Our wide receivers will work in tandem with our quarterbacks, relative to experience and level of ability, to emulate game-like situations and athlete relationships. Each receiver will develop a sense of body awareness, as well as the ability to accelerate and change direction rapidly. Receivers will develop their decision-making ability that will allow them to run routes that are crisp and well timed to find the weak spot in a defense.

  • Session 1: Wednesday 6/30 and Thursday 7/1
  • Session 2: Monday 7/26 and Tuesday 7/27

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Offensive Line/Defensive Line

The demands of the position require strength, speed, quickness, and conditioning. It will build your foundation of strength not only a higher level of maximal strength than their skilled counterparts, but also the mental and physical toughness to withstand physical contact on every down.

  • Session 1: Monday 7/5 and Tuesday 7/6
  • Session 2: Wednesday 7/28 and Thursday 7/29

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What Our Athletes Are Saying

  • “D1 training is the missing piece of my son’s next step to better his athletic performance by way of Speed, Agility, Change Of Direction, Acceleration, Top Speed and Deceleration mechanics. D1 Deerfield Beach Florida is a one stop shop for all sports and really is the fastest way to become a better PERSON and athlete! We love Coach Kyle and the professional staff! We will ...” - Scott Synold