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D1 Training Believes in You, Not Just in Your New Year’s Fitness Goals

Author: April Scarlett

Every January you, as consumers, get blasted with ads, emails, and text messages touting New Year’s fitness classes, promising to finally make this year the year you get fit, lose that belly fat, start working out as a family, or begin taking your training seriously. You’ve heard them all say it, “New Year, New You!”

At D1 Training, we happen to like you the way you are, someone who wants to live their daily life feeling better, getting stronger, performing faster, whether it’s January or July, or any other time of the year.

We aren’t implying you shouldn’t set New Year’s fitness goals. But what matters to us is that you keep coming back, keep showing up for yourself, to reach, maintain, or exceed those goals.

If you know anything about the fitness industry, or the success rate of New Year’s resolutions, this might sound like a tall order. Not at D1 Training.

Did You Know?

Only 9% of people who make New Year’s resolutions keep them, and 23% of them quit in their first week. Those are terrible odds. Congrats to those nine-percenters, but we believe there are 91% more people out there who can keep their fitness goals, they just need a little help.


Ninety-five percent of new gym members will stick to their workout regimens for three main reasons:

  1. They enjoy themselves while they’re at the gym
  2. They have a growing belief in themselves that they can stick with it
  3. They have support from those around them

man working out with a medicine ball

Let’s break those points down one at a time.

First, do people enjoy working out? Fifty-percent of consumers surveyed in 2021 say no. In fact, some would rather cancel their Netflix subscription for one year if it meant never having to work out again. Whoa. (Where in the world are they working out?) At D1 Training, there is no place – or time – for boredom. Our top-tier workouts are fun, fast, and never boring, and you aren’t stuck in your basement working out alone.

Next, when it comes to having belief in yourself, sometimes that can be a tough road. The important thing is to give yourself a huge high-five in the mirror just to show up, then have grace and love yourself where you are, and Keep. Showing. Up. Because when you do, we do. Which brings us to the third reason people stick with their exercise programs: Support.

D1Training Trainers aren’t ordinary trainers. There’s no question our members are in excellent hands with experienced, certified, D1 trainers. But the relationship between trainer and member, teacher and student, goes beyond that. We get crazy excited to support people who want to show up and give their best! This is true no matter where you are in your fitness journey, whether you are age 7 or 77, we’ll be with you from Day one.

Who should come to D1 Training for an exciting challenge, a boost of confidence, and serious results?

  • Do you have an 11-year-old daughter who is dying to make the soccer team? Let’s get her there via one of our awesome kid’s fitness classes!
  • Have the scouts started showing up at your high school games? It’s time for you to stand out among the competition.
  • Does the Dad-Bod gotta go? Don’t sweat it – well, we’ll show you how to sweat it the right way!
  • Are you an adult who is completely intimidated by setting foot inside a gym? We know it can be scary, but we’ve got you.

Every. Body. Needs. Training.

At D1 Training, we pride ourselves on reaching all the exciting performance results you want – no matter who you are or why you want to reach them. We present three outstanding training options, and if you haven’t checked them out before, ask us about our FREE First Workout or Class. Let’s explore each training option one at a time.

Scholastic Training Classes for the Kiddos

Rookie: Ages 7 to 11 – We teach all the fundamentals to make them fall in love with being fit at an early age.

Developmental Curriculum: Student athletes ages 12 to 14 – We’re teaching them speed, power, strength, movement, skill – and character!

Prep Program: Ages 15 to 18 – They’ll thrive through high-level plyometrics and agility, with advanced strength and conditioning to help them blast through their fitness goals.

Adult Training for Everybody

Are you ready? You’re going to love your full-body workout that makes the most of every single minute to improve your muscle strength, mobility, flexibility, and recovery. You know what else? If you don’t want to take time away from the fam, bring them along! (Or not, we get that some people need their me-time!).

Our custom family workouts are the bomb! Not only will you all get in shape together, but this is quality family time, sharing goals, cheering each other on, and having fun all rolled into one exceptional class.

Pro Training for the Elite Athlete

Calling all college and pro athletes, and those who are on their way to that level. D1 Training is a professional athletic training facility that offers experienced coaching and expert training. If you want to get there, we want to help you.

Plus, D1 Training delivers options for semi-private and one-on-one training for those who are seriously shy – or just serious!

Every day should carry New Year’s Day energy.

Do you want to feel excited and motivated to reach your New Year’s fitness goals every day of the year? D1 Training can do that for you. It’s an amazingly energized, completely supportive, outstandingly effective place to get fit. Let’s do it together in 2024, and every day after that.