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Posts from June, 2023

  • Halfway Through the Year: A Time to Review and Recommit The year is halfway over, and it's a great time to take stock of your progress. Have you been working towards your fitness goals? If so, how are you doing? If not, don't worry, you're not alone. Many people start off strong, but then they lose momentum and their progress ... Continue Reading
  • The Science of Post-Workout Meals and the Importance of Recovery Welcome to the D1 Training Henderson blog, where we explore the latest scientific findings in the realm of fitness and performance. In this article, we delve into the world of post-workout nutrition and the significance of recovery for optimal fitness gains. So grab a seat, ... Continue Reading
  • Off-Season Gains and In-Season Recovery: Building a Year-Round Athletic Strategy We are almost half way through the summer! It is time for athletes to evaluate the progress they have made thus far this summer, and set SMART strength and performance goals for the remainder of the off-season. Once in-season starts, the athlete shifts to performance ... Continue Reading
  • Fueling Up for an Intense 54-Minute Workout: The Perfect Pre-Workout Meals Hello, D1 Training family! Today, we're going to delve into an often overlooked, but crucial aspect of training: nutrition. Specifically, we're going to talk about what to eat before you lace up your trainers and head into our D1 training facility for your 54-minute strength ... Continue Reading