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Posts from January, 2024

  • Why You Should Sprint Sprinting is not just for Usain Bolt and Olympic athletes! This explosive exercise has benefits for everyone, regardless of age, athletic ability, or fitness level. Whether you're a seasoned athlete looking to shave milliseconds off your personal best or a busy parent ... Continue Reading
  • Game On, Stay Safe: Prioritizing Concussion Prevention in Contact Sports at D1 Training Henderson The thrill of victory, the sting of defeat, the roar of the crowd – contact sports offer a unique blend of excitement and challenge. But amidst the adrenaline rush, it's crucial to remember: player safety comes first. In particular, concussions can pose a significant risk, ... Continue Reading
  • D1 Training Henderson Spikes Up Partnership with Vegas Thrill Volleyball: Where Championship Pedigree Meets Cutting-Edge Science Get ready, Las Vegas, because a legendary force is about to serve up excitement on the court! D1 Training Henderson, your premier destination for athletic training and performance, is thrilled to announce a partnership with the Vegas Thrill, the city's inaugural professional ... Continue Reading
  • Ditch the Social Media Trends, Embrace Science: How D1 Training Henderson Gets You Real Results Forget the quick-fix promises, aesthetics on Instagram and fad diets, Henderson adults. D1 Training Henderson flips the script on fitness, offering a data-driven, science-backed approach to weight loss, strength gain, and overall wellness. We're talking sustainable results, ... Continue Reading
  • New Year, Best You Forget the flash and forget the frenzy. This year, let's ditch the "New Year, New Me" pressure and craft a lasting transformation that feels more like "New Year, Best Me." At D1 Training Henderson, we're not about quick fixes or crash courses – we're about forging a ... Continue Reading