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Posts from July, 2023

  • Unleashing Athletic Potential: The Interplay of Type 1 and Type 2 Muscle Fibers and Effective Training Strategies The human body is an awe-inspiring blend of strength and endurance, a marvel that finds its roots in the muscle fibers it's composed of. These muscle fibers, categorized as Type 1 (slow-twitch) and Type 2 (fast-twitch), hold the key to our physical performance. Understanding ... Continue Reading
  • Tracking Progress in Workouts: The Underrated Key to Success Hello, athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and friends of D1 Training Henderson! Today, we're diving deep into a fundamental principle at the core of our philosophy. We're convinced that in the world of training and fitness, a "one size fits all" approach just doesn't cut it. ... Continue Reading
  • Achieving Peak Performance: How to Create "In-Season" Goals Whether you're an elite athlete or an enthusiastic fitness buff, setting in-season goals is an essential part of your workout regimen. By having a clear target in mind, like maintaining strength or focusing on mobility and recovery to reduce injury, you can work ... Continue Reading
  • Juggling Fitness and Parenthood: Quick Workouts & Protein-Packed Breakfasts Life as a busy parent often feels like being a professional athlete – except you're the uber, laundromat and team mom, all in one. Your schedule may seem like a relentless torrent of work commitments, soccer practices, batting practices, PTA meetings, (D1 workouts…) and the ... Continue Reading
  • Revving Up Your Metabolism After Age 35: A Scientific Approach Time, the unavoidable element of life, brings changes that become more pronounced as we age, particularly after 35. Among these, the slowing of our metabolism often emerges as a common concern. Yet, it's not a bleak scenario. A body of contemporary scientific research offers ... Continue Reading